Eye Yoga #2: Quick Exercises

Namaste. After the previous episode, you know how to set up the light in your working place, which monitor is the best for you and when you should take a break from a screen. Did you think that's enough? No worries, we have much more for you! Quick eye exercises you should try. Work can wait, your health is more important for us. You won't need a YOGA mat, you can start right now! *BLINK*

1. Blinking Cardio
Don't worry, you won't be exhausted after this cardio. You can do this at work or home.


1. Open your eyes wide
2. Blink quickly 10 times
3. Close your eyes for 20 second
4. Open your eyes.


You should repeat this exercise 4 times. This exercise helps you with dry eyes and stretches your lids.

2. Eye Massage
Please, don't put oil on your eyes! Follow our instructions and enjoy pleasant eye massage. But first, you should properly clean your hands. Safety first!
Slow your breath and close your eyes. Massage the area around your eyes with your index and middle fingers for two minutes. Don't push, just softly massage in a circular motion. This massage increases blood circulation and releases muscle tension around the eyes.

3. Face Palming
There is one exercise you do for your health, and you didn't know that. Both hands face-palming helps you calm down and focus more on your work.
First, you should rub your hands together to get them warm. Then place your hands on both eyes. Don't touch your eyes, and you should feel just heat from your hands. Clear your mind of responsibilities and focus on this heat from your hands. You deserve some break.


4. Eyes rolling
Another exercise you know very well. Maybe you are a master of eyes rolling. In that case, congratulations. For others here are the instructions:


1. Take a deep breath
2. Slowly look up to the sky
3. Then to the right, down and finally to the left
4. After this close your eyes and stay calm


Repeat this three times. After exercise, your eyes will never hurt again.