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4 Things That Can Distract You During the Work From Home

During working from home, staying focused can be harder than ever. Many things can distract you from work. If you want to win this battle, you should know your enemy.

1. You have x new notifications
We all know that phones distract us from work. You can spend time playing games, checking social media, or watching videos of Indian guys building a swimming pool in the jungle. Instagram, especially Instagram stories, are challenging because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This syndrome keeps you checking out new Instagram stories in case you miss out on your friend's new photos of dogs and food. We recommend you turn off notifications from social media and games. Airplane mode might solve this, but x missed calls from your boss are worse than your procrastination, trust us.

2. Just one more episode
One of the biggest lies in human history! On Netflix you can have a really good time, but Netflix is an unlimited source of procrastination. Cliffhangers are the main enemies of your workflow, and fighting against them, especially during the work from home, is hard. Don't let Netflix win this battle! If you really have to see a new episode of your favorite series, you should set up a specific time for Netflix, preferably in the morning or evening.


3. You are not hungry, you are just bored

Normally you eat 4­ – 5 times a day. During the work from home you can't count how many times you visit this magic place called a fridge. Many times, you catch yourself just looking to the fridge and waiting for some magic. But magic never comes. It's always the same food as before. You should set up a daily routine for your breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, it's better for your workflow and body. And what about second breakfast?

4. A new fluffy co-worker

Your cat, dog, or any kind of pet require full-time attention, but you have to focus on your work. Pets can distract you with their sounds or high level of cuteness. They are confused, and they don't understand why you are home all day. Unfortunately, there shouldn't be a place for pets in your "home office". One exception: Fish in an aquarium. Maybe this rule might be really useful for kids too.

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