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How to Smartly Work From Home – 1/2

Working from home is the dream of many employees who has work on a regular eight-hour basis. But sometimes there are moments when you can work only from home even if you are normally in the office. The fact is that not everyone can perform the same performance at home as in the office among colleagues. The following tips will come in handy.




1. Set up your personal regime

One of the biggest challenges of work from home is to create your own routine. It's not just whether you don't mind getting up early or you'd rather sleep longer and wake up later. Determine your working hours with regard to when you need to communicate with others or, conversely, have peace of mind.


Some people get up at four in the morning and do almost all the work in the dark night. Or vice versa, they will sleep for late morning and work would end late at night.


In many ways, it is up to you and your settings whether you are a night owl or an early bird. In any case, working from home requires the necessary discipline, including a regular and well-thought-out regime. Thanks to it you will not unnecessarily procrastinate, nor will you become a workaholic.



2. Dress as if you were going to work

Working from home literally encourages you to sit all day in pajamas or tracksuits. Yes, it's a comfortable outfit, but on the other hand that just leads to less power.


You do not have to sit in your created office in a suit, but be sure to prepare another comfortable work suit. Just changing into it will mentally tune you into working mode.


The pajamas are designed to sleep, so after a working day in it, your brain may not switch back to moments to relax. Think of your own home business casual dress code to make you feel comfortable and strong-minded.



3. Create your workspace

Work out of bed? Exception than the rule. In addition to the fact that the bed could only be used for sleeping, your comfort is not good either.


You can respond to a few emails on your tablet, but if you have a full working day ahead of you, then you need a comfortable place where no one will disturb you. It is not necessary to arrange the entire room as a study, just a well-equipped working corner.


You should have enough space, light and room conditions. The basis is a stable table and high-quality chairs. Even moving to it will start your work mood!


4. Divide your work into blocks

Don't try to do everything at once. Divide your work into blocks and follow them. But try it first – you'll find that you are better in planning strategies or inventing new products in the morning, in the afternoon you can communicate better, so you will create a telephone block, etc.


If you're an early bird get to work in the morning. In the afternoon and evening, you will have free time for culture, sports or family time. On the other hand, if you don't have much energy after waking up, take the necessary errands, take a walk, and then start working.


To get started, a simple spreadsheet with a list of tasks and the time by which you should complete them is enough. A mobile phone is sufficient for time measurement.



5. Turn off applications you don't need for work

You don't have to be online all the time. So turn off any applications you don't need on your computer or phone during your business hours. At least their notifications will not disturb you from work.


This applies not only to the social networks you use to entertain and communicate with friends but also to business communication channels. Of course, sometimes you need to urgently resolve a colleague's e-mail or message, but choose a time to deal with your regular work agenda.


To work from home you need a strong will and motivation. If you don't have these qualities, the work will become one big nightmare. There are many disadvantages and if you don't have strong will and motivation - working from home isn't for you. But you can always train and give it a try!

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