IP Transit

FDC facilitates transfers of incredibly large data volumes every day.

FDC has been home to clients with a large bandwidth appetite since the early 2000's thus becoming one of the biggest global players when it comes to bandwidth consumption.

We made our goal to simplify the process of IP transit procurement. Eliminating long term contracts and need to haggle for competitive pricing.

We made it easy to buy 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps IP transit ports in hundreds of locations across the globe


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  US/Canada/Europe LATAM/APAC/Africa

Enterprise class connectivity

1 Gbps minimum plan

100 Mbps = $200/month

High resilient service

1 Gbps = $200/month

1 Gbps = $400/month

Massive bandwidth

10 Gbps = $799/month

10 Gbps = $1900/month

Flexible terms

100 Gbps = $4999/month
(100Gbps port - 2500 USD setup fee required)

100 Gbps = $19000/month
(100Gbps port - 2500 USD setup fee required)

Business & Residential

BGP session = $50/month extra

BGP session = $50/month extra


Current Special Deals:

Buy 500Gbps and get 100Gbps free!

No setup fee with 100Gbps ports with 3 months prepaid.


Please contact us with any questions or custom request


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