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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay a BitPay merchant without a bitcoin address?

Please, follow this link.

What is the best location for my server?

You are welcome to test our speed and choose the most suitable location through our Looking Glass at https://www.fdcservers.net/lg

Is streaming allowed?

Sure, we do not block any ports or restrict specific services so as long as your site does not violate our AUP/TOS, does not break U.S. laws and it does not attract abuse reports/complaints/listings, there will be no problem to host it.

How do you handle DMCA?

All DMCA reports received are forwarded to downstream clients and clients themselves are responsible to address the issues or keep us updated about steps taken within 24 hours.

Do you provide DDoS mitigation?

We do not offer DDoS mitigation services by default. Some type of servers can be strengthened by ACL service for a monthly charge.

Is your bandwidth shared or oversubscribed?

No. We have over 35+Tbps of internet connectivity and each server on our network can fully utilize its port.

Difference between "10Gbps with 3Gbps @95%" and "10Gbps dedicated"?

The "10Gbps with 3Gbps @95%" plan allows you to use up to 3Gbps 95% of the time with the option to burst to up to 10Gbps occasionally at other times, your 95th percentile usage however needs to remain under 3Gbps while the "10Gbps dedicated" plan comes with no restrictions and can be entirely utilized 24/7.

Reseller program?

Reseller program provides additional benefits such as discounts, hardware upgrades, custom service packages and much more. Client needs to have minimum $5000/month worth of services to be eligible for reseller status.

How many IPs are included?

Dedicated and colocation servers can get up to 10 free IPs by default, virtual servers come with an allocated number of IPs that is mentioned with every VPS plan. Additional IPs can be assigned at $2/IP/month and are subject to justification per ARIN rules.

What is the setup time?

Most servers are installed within 24-72 hours, some may require more time. You may always advise with Sales department to get you the closer estimate.

Are there any contracts?

There is no contract or commitments. Our services are paid on a month to month basis. 

Do you offer free trial?

We do not, however we do offer a 72-hour period when you can cancel the service for any reason and obtain a full refund.

What are your payment methods?

Credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, UnionPay, BitPay and wire transfer payments are accepted.